hey dude

by talulah ghost

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pls download this album for free and tell all yr friends and enemies and teachers and pets about it !!!! don't dl it in lossless tho cause lossless here is just an upscale from a supershitty m4a

all was recorded on my iphone in different houses on different balconies while i was living with different people and i love each and every one of them

subscribe to me everywhere if u like this cause soon there will be a surf pop album and an emo album and a chillwave/ambient/ricky eat acid-ish album and i'd like for u not to miss it!

bye, luv stuff xx


released May 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Seafood Party Saint Petersburg, Russia

satanic twee from hell, pa

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Track Name: closure
im trying not to think of you when i see those numbers on my wall and im trying not to call you on your phone

i don't want any closure for i will drink my sorrow on any bed i can find
i don't want to let go

now i see you everywhere i go
Track Name: ilya eat acid
i wish i could love myself
but i only love you instead

sometimes i wish that u were dead
but if you'd really die i'd probably feel bad

i will go to a party
and get super wasted
forget all of my friends
and eat all the acid

i will talk to no one
cause they think im crazy
slip into a coma
after i eat all the acid
Track Name: all skeletons and bones
life is a very weird thing
and i am in a very weird place
right now
so i'll stop before i mess up again
because i can't go on
i just wish i was buried
Track Name: bunk beds
rest in the car outside yr house
listening to early modest mouse
i don't know if i want to come in
it only gets weirder my head starts to spin

sleeping with you in different beds
couldn't give a fuck about my meds
i am here and you're someplace else
what's going on everything's a mess

i told you i love you we had a deal
but if i lied what would you feel
what would you say if i lied again
what would you do to ease the pain

rest in the car outside on ice
hate myself for thinking twice
getting higher than the fucking sky
it only gets weirder i'd rather die
Track Name: alien talk
you ordered some piZza
and told me to come over
you had a little discount
cause yr parents know the owner

you lit up some candles
and even set up the table
put on some mellow music
i came by around eleven

and i was already drunk and
you didn't know i was an alien
but then you were an alien for me too
i wanna have an alien discussion with you

let's have an alien talk
Track Name: russian princess
im so drunk ur so pretty
im addicted to the drugs ur doing
fell in some stinging nettles
we're so high everything is moving

in my room and it's almost christmas
in my tiny room again where i
fell in love with a russian princess
in a funny bear hat she's so kawaii
Track Name: homeboy in luv
this is a cover of a song of a friend of mine (✿◠‿◠)
it's called 'in my dreams' and you can listen to the whole album here:
Track Name: letter
this was the best part of my life
dancing with u in a forest
u looked like a firefly
but i still couldn't see you
i was thinking about the city
and i wish i could come back
and visit all the places we went
when we danced in that forest
listening to how to dress well
or at least i thought we did
and i wrote u a letter
and slipped it into yr coat
u never read it
but it said how i wanna die with u still
after all this time
Track Name: sleep in (told slant)
i call it linoleum floors
a rotting wood porch and kids
singing to 80s pop songs
i sleep in my clothes and dream
pretty terrible things
i wish i could dream of you
but it gets harder each night
i barter your light for lust

for most of the day if i can
i'd rather not go and dance
because you're always too close
you step on my toes i can't
think of a way to say no
or think of thinking of those ways
why would i want to get up
i'd probably fuck up some more

home never seemed so sad
kids never seemed so sad
my dreams never seemed so sad
you never seemed so sad

sleep never felt so good
your dance never seemed so sad
i can't but i wish i could
some days
i am so fucked up
Track Name: sharing (prince alright)
you don't wanna see me that's so sad
i'm not sure why i told everyone
now im sorry and i feel so bad
all i wanted was to have some fun

i was feeling so alone at that time
you weren't there and i missed you so bad
and now im gonna spend my whole life crying
over something that i once had